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Tripoli Upholstered Floor Standing Headboard

From: £287.96

  • Hand crafted in the UK
  • 54″ Height from floor
  • Deep padded upholstery
  • Choose from numerous colours
  • Selection of fabrics
  • Fits all standard UK sizes
Estimated Delivery Date 24th August 2022 - 24th August 2022


Tripoli an elegant upholstered floor standing headboard available in numerous materials and colours. A 3 panel horizontal design will add an elegant feel to your bedroom. Made using the finest upholstery techniques with great attention to detail, thus ensuring every customer receives the highest quality headboard.

As with all our headboards the Tripoli is hand made in the UK by one of our highly trained craftsmen. All our floor standing headboards stand at 54″ tall with an upholstered pattern of approximately 27″-30″ depending on the design. Tripoli headboard is available in a number of fabric and colour variations but we can manufacture to our customers requirements so if you would like the Tripoli made using a different fabric or a require a another colour please contact us

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