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Ambassador Bed Frame - velvet fabric

Why choose the Ambassador Bed frame for your next bed!

Ambassador Bed frame


Whatever type of bed you have, if it’s not comfy and does not provide a perfect night to sleep, then it’s time to replace it with a new one. The look and feel play of a bed frame play a vital part on how your night ends. In fact if you are not happy with the look and feel the night routine can suffer!


If you want a luxurious and outclass structured bed, that stands out and makes you feel like a King or Queen. Then an Ambassador bed is a right choice for your bedroom.


Nowadays, Ambassador bed frames are the most popular in the market and a high demand in the UK. It has wide variety in colours and fabrics to suit any bedroom setting.


Ambassador beds are great for every purpose; they come with a storage option and without. The sturdy and chunky side rails provide that feeling of Royalty.


If your having difficulty finding the right bed, look no further the Ambassador bed frame will be the only Bed you desire. 


What is an Ambassador Bed?


The most popular bed style has upholstery on every angle of the bed frame. It provides extra support to the mattress, the side rails and the foot rail. Basically, the Ambassador bed is luxury at its finest.


Typically, an upholstered bed comes with designs on the headboard and on some occasions the footboard. The padding is generally focused on the Headboard. The Ambassador bed frame however takes away this generic upholstery and adds depth and style to the side rails, foot rail along with the headboard. Giving a luxurious grande feel at every angle.


Key features of the Ambassador Bed frame


Sizes: Single, small double, double, king, super king

Design/color: Available in soft velvet and crushed velvet

Delivery time: 2-3weeks on average

Warranty: 12 months




Here are some common types of king size divan bed that we offers are




Non-storage Ambassador beds options are designed especially for comfort, and they do not have any extra space for storage.


Ottoman Gas lift


This storage option is designed for wider space storage that you can get when completely lifting the bed base. It’s suitable for those who have less space and need more storage. The lifting is done at the foot end side of the bed.


How big are Ambassador beds?


The Ambassador bed comes in different sizes. It depends on your room size and ultimately how many people will be sleeping on the bed.


The sizes we provide are;

  • Single
  • Small Double
  • Double
  • King
  • Super King


Why so many buy the Ambassador Bed frame


 There are many reasons to choose an Ambassador bed in your room.


  • One of the main reasons is that an Ambassador bed has design and style at every angle.
  • Very sturdy and hand crafted to perfection
  • The bulky look along with its soft to touch fabric gives any bedroom a royalty feeling
  • Very supportive sides providing a solid bed base for your mattress. It gives strong support to the mattress and prevents any sliding issues.


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